June 2015 – Love Wins! 

June started with this loving gift from DH…   
Apparently, even after all these years, I still press all his buttons.

Then there was this reminder from @Jo_Planet, honeymooning with @PlanetCath.
I’ve lost track of where this image came from. It was from some kind of family campaign, but i forget which.
Then came one of my favourite kind of tweets: “Saw this and thought of you”. We look with different eyes if we’re looking out for ❤️, and nothing gives me greater pleasure than the found hearts that are sent my way.
I’ve been sent this one before, but i think it’s so beautiful, I’m sharing it again.
Then two from London’s South Bank sent by @TheABB
I’ve had this one before too…
But this one was completely new, via @Sturner1970 from Liverpool’s RiverFest.
I’ve lost track of who sent me this hedgerow curving over into a ❤️ above the path. Thank you to whichever Tweetmate sent it, and I’m sorry i didn’t keep better records.
This, via @jmcefalas is part of a great collection of hearts from her trip to Denmark.
“Love is a heart-shaped storm.” Oh yes.

This is my 7yo in her self-designed sunglasses.  

I’ve got a feeling this one was either from @kaygeeuk or @A_BoxofRain

Then this from @NoReadinginGaol


Which was side-by-side in my notifications with a set of “ugly” fruit via @UglyFruitandVeg spotted by @bellaale  

One of @NatashaSmasha’s monkeys had been baking. Brownies. Mmm.  
And one Tweetmate saved their game at this point as the bubbles (?) we’re making a perfect heart.   

This one, sent by @kaygeeuk became my avi for quite a while.   

This one is from @kaygeeuk too.  

Thank you to JiniMae for this stunning fern.   

And to @ajjolley for these ferrets, which I have seen before but again, why not share as they are so very cute.


From Edinburgh via @FurcoatNaeNicks


And from @ArdPad. (Reminds me of Richard Long.)  

@A_BoxOfRaij went marching on 20 June. Amid the justifiable rage there was also plenty of ❤️. I think that’s where the rage comes from. Fuck the fucking fuckers indeed.   

And this “map of the introvert’s heart” continues to do the rounds. The artist @gemmacorrell is on Twitter. She makes me smile.


@Bonklesoul sent me healthy eating reminders. 


And for reasons I can’t fathom this turned up on the hashtag #livetweetyourperiod   

I found this image while googling about looking for rainbow hearts on the day the U.S. Supreme Court legalised equal marriage. Twitter was alive with the #LoveWins hashtag (and little rainbow hearts attached to the tag).


Even UN HCR (tweeting as @RefugeesCR) had ❤️ to share.   

Love isn’t winning everywhere. But it remains all around. In Argentina, the response to another femicide brought women onto the streets.  

Meanwhile, there’s beautiful jewellery to find (thanks @julessn)  

And amazing mugs.


And the earliest signs of autumn (noooooooooooo!)  

But not too autumnal for a barbecue.


Then this lovely one from @ImogenDempsey39 at Southwold  

And the @MYSADCAT account even got in on the act. 


I loved this one from @Andy_s_64 


@betsysalt knows how much I love cheese, and found this. #totheendsoftheearthforcheese 


Meanwhile @jaxrafferty found this at one of my childhood haunts, Boldrewood arboretum.  

I loved this set of three images from @woodcarver_t 


I’ve tweeted his work before, and another trawl through his timeline showed there were many more lovely ❤️ to be found.   

He’d also tweeted this image, which seems a perfect one to end the month on. June. Love Won.  


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