Feelin’ the Love. May 2015

So, a world full of Tweetmates is sending me hearts. It’s the loveliest thing. Here’s the May crop. I’ve started including the tweets they’re sent in, so senders get credit, and you can see snippets of the conversation. 

Such a lovely, gentle way to focus attention, and then to share a “find”. 


  Teeny tiny confetti.

Followed by a lovely collection of hearts from my friend @jmcefalas travelling in Denmark.

      Turned out it was on a teeny tiny baby shoe.


And then I made pie.       

I check out the hearts in new followers’ avis.              

And while @jmcefalas was in Denmark, @kaygeeuk was in Ukraine.   

And @bonklesoul in…well…Bonkle.


And then @kaygeeuk came back.        

So there is!       

This one was from @A_BoxOfRain, reprising an earlier picture.      

And Judith, who knows my propensity for throwing stuff, skimmed me a heartstone all the way from New Zealand.      

You can’t tell that this is one for me until you click on the picture…

    And then there it is!


At some point in May, I had a birthday.


And Nurses had their own special day.          

They are everywhere. And it’s the loveliest thing that people keep finding them and sending them to me.     

Or I sometimes stumble upon them myself. 


This lonely confetti (confetto?) is one of my favourites.       

And this teenier, tinier, weenie at heart on a grubby hand!     

These Amber hearts are glorious, but, not as dear to me as this metalwork heart made by my own 12yo.            

Well gloss over the night I spent on the Prosecco.                         

Awww. This spaghetti heart is very cute. The more so that an 8yo found it.   

And this heart is almost too subtle to spot straight away.  

These are pot toppers, bought by my 7yo at the garden centre. They look magical. Or like sweets.    

This is fantastic! Yes, I do collect hearts. Also, what’s not to love about cake!?            

Always special to meet Tweetmates in real life. Thank you Jayne. x   

And to end with…a little bit of politics.   

Look after your heart and it will look after you. 



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