Feelin the love (February 2015)

When I first started blogging hearts, I thought I’d find and receive enough to fill a blogpost in a year, easily. Instead, I’ve filled one in a month!

Here they are; the January hearts.


What a super collection! And they haven’t stopped coming.

On 31 January I set a task for my lovely Tweetmate, @HeardinLondon, currently helping circus children in Nepal, to find me the central ❤ ️for February’s collection. She had this one before the end of the day!

From @HeardinLondon

The rest of the February hearts follow here.

14 February to 28 February

I wasn’t able to blog the little stories and origins of the hearts I received in the second half of February, but they are lovely, so here they all are:

                                 14 February 2015
Who else but @kaygeeuk would start my Valentine’s Day with a ❤️? This time she’s wearing one. “It’s really tricky to take photos of your own legs.”


And she’s found one on a colleague’s desk.


A Valentine’s hashtag campaign #showthelove against climate change has filled my timeline with green-inspired ❤️ tweets, of which this solar array is the best so far.

@GoodEnergy via @Carboncoach

13 February 2015
@kaygeeuk found this on the front door of her apartment block….


…and then kept looking…


…and sharing: “I’m taking them with me and spreading the love.”


Meanwhile @RAKFoundation has been promoting #RAKWeek2015 with random acts of kindness, including this one:


And, once started, @kaygeeuk can’t be stopped (and nor would I want to try!)


I wouldn’t usually pay much attention to a Life Insurance company, but @beaglestreet sponsors The Guardian’s “Happy for Life” app, and it seems they know a thing or two about the attractions of bacon.


@SuzetteWoodward found these (I’m not quite sure in whose timeline)

Credits for finding / sharing to @CinnTreeBakery @BoroughMarket @LittlethingsLTL and @SuzetteWoodward, or course.

@daisy_spring spotted this antique being tweeted by @WrathOfGod and shared it, saying “Thought of you” (a remark which still brings me pleasure any time someone tweets it at me).

@WrathofGod via @daisy_spring

I checked out my “Heart Age” with help from Public Health England (https://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/nhs-health-check/Pages/check-your-heart-age-tool.aspx) and this reminder:


@Bonklesoul, whose gaff, Soul Mansions is even more overrun by small people than The Shoe, shared this gift from his 11yo to his 5yo.


And @Aibagawa found this “how to” video for filigree ❤️ pancakes: https://www.youtube.com/embed/ntzfUlilkH8 in @chozabell’s timeline.

It seems, if you watch a murmuration of starlings for long enough, they will spontaneously resolve into a heart-shape. This is the second murmuration of my collection. This time in Doncaster. (Last time it was Norwich).

Thanks to Susie Hayman (@sustie), @ABeautifulMind and @LeedsTed for finding and sharing.

Finally, @CarolineHastie found this at @DiscoverMag and RTd into my timeline.


12 February 2015
As Valentine’s Day approached, hearts were proliferating everywhere. @AnUnexpectedBag found this instruction video for making ❤️ shaped hard boiled eggs: https://www.youtube.com/embed/4lCAqRzMtVM

And I did some baking with 7yo in The Shoe.


11 February 2015
Look at this amazing piece of paper-folding cleverness! @AngryofAlton found it here: http://thorness.co.uk/decorative/2473-hand-folded-book-art-home.html, originally posted on a friend’s Facebook page. He said “I genuinely thought I’d opened up one of your Twitter posts by mistake.”


10 February 2015
Sometimes, a Tweetmate doesn’t send me an actual ❤️, but instead a thought, which is just as lovely!

From @seismicshed

9 February 2015
I like the way @Labourcat didn’t let Starbucks seduce her at all with this tweet full of hearts! (I tweeted that I wouldn’t be adding it to my collection, but have since thought better of it. Why not make the #starbuckspayyourtaxes point here too?)


Another Tweetmate with a great eye for a found heart is @A_BoxOfRain. This one is “Light in an alcove in tonight’s restaurant.”


And @DrLangtryGirl went on a bit of a mission. “I googled ‘Medieval Manuscript Hearts’ – quite the rabbit hole I’ve just dropped into.”

Love makes the heart sing!


8 February 2015
Writer, Kate Long (author of one of my long time faves, The Bad Mother’s Handbook) has a Twitter timeline (@volewriter) peppered with photos of wildlife she’s spotted. These ferrets aren’t strictly “wild”, though Kate said “Many ferrets I know would have your finger off soon as look at you”, but they do fit the bill for a ❤️.


7 January 2015
So, @kaygeeuk has been tweeting me potholes.

From @kaygeeuk in Ukraine

And @DrJenGunter found this pair of lovebirds (I know, not actual lovebirds). The same image had also been spotted by @SophiaGrene

Photo tweeted originally by @LaurenceGindt, then via @NebulaLights and @DrJenGunter

And @kaygeeuk went out to find more love. She said: “I pass this every work day. It’s on the step of the building next to the office.”


And also “art book for a friend’s daughter. This is in the middle.”


On a busy day for ❤️, my 12yo daughter baked cookies.


And I pinched @belugajill’s avi to add to my collection. It is a tile that she painted, which is now part of a table-top.


The finished tabletop includes another heart image too.

Here they are, in situ.


And with a week to go till Valentine’s Day, I bought a small bowl while I was out shopping, and turned it into my Twitter avatar.


5 February 2015
I do love hearts found occurring naturally, but equally, I love hearts which display real skill and craftsmanship. Like these, for example, from this amazing woodcarving studio (http://www.techeneek.co.uk/).

The beautiful work of @woodcarver_t shared by @thisismyfot

4 February 2015
It went a little quiet on the heart front between 1 and 4 February. And then Paula Doherty found this in a collection of images.

From “25 Awesome Hearts Found in Nature” via @PaulaDoherty864

And on a similarly frosty theme…this happy accident occurred in some light snow.

Thanks to @veryslomo for spotting and sharing.

Then @liveotherwise found a great example (and a perfect definition of procrastination) on Jack Monroe’s Instagram.

Picture (and herbal arrangement) by @MsJackMonroe, seen and shared by @Liveotherwise

1 February 2015

The first of these ❤️ is the most beautiful image of the day. A breathtaking find. A Tweetmate’s girlfriend had spotted it while they were out walking, and he thought to snap it and share it. Stunning.


These yin and yang cats have turned up in my timeline before, but I always like to see them again; they nestle together so perfectly. This time Alex Bellars found them. (He’s well up there on my “Tweetmates I’d love to meet” list. I recall we had a near miss in 2014. Next time we come so close to crossing paths, we must say hello!)

Via @bellaale

These ones must have been quite tricky to spot, but once you become a ❤️ hunter, you tend to see them all over the place. Whether on a pair of child’s tights…


…or in a calendar.

Published in the CountryFile calendar, shared by @A_BoxOfRain

31 January “Loose Ends”

Even after I thought the January hearts had stopped coming, I found them sneaking their way into one of my pies (baked, with contrition, by me for my DH because I forgot to get him a wedding anniversary card).


Pie and photo @itsmotherswork

And these cherries found their way into my timeline on the same day.

Shared by @wafaa008 then via @Koksalakn and @jmcefalas