Feeling the Love (January 2015)

Pic by DH. Bonfire Night 2010. Resurrected for New Year 2015.

When I first started Tweeting, my avatar was a pair of heart-shaped pancakes in a frying pan. In the years that have followed, the avi has changed regularly, but always with a ❤️ theme. After a while, people started spotting, snapping and sending me examples of their own found hearts. In the last year, particularly, I’ve started collecting these and swapping them in as new avatars when they seem especially fitting. But I sometimes lose track of who has sent me what, and when.

Then a friend, K, all the way from Ukraine, tweeted me this on New Year’s Eve.


How lovely it is that when Tweetmates see hearts they might think of me! My aim this year, then, is to collect all the hearts sent to me (and the ones I find myself) in one place, whether I use them as avis or not. And if they come with a story, to tell that story.

I wonder how many there will be by the end of the year?

31 January 2015

Today is a special day in The Shoe. This year DH and I have been married 17 years. ❤️❤️❤️ are all around, even when we’re doing chores, like polishing our posh shoes.

Shoes polished by DH, arranged by 9yo, photo by @itsmotherswork

29 January 2015

@kaygeeuk, who is a regular ❤️finder, spotted this one on the avi of another Twitter account. Who could resist an emergency giraffe?

@emergencygiraff via @kaygeeuk

27 January 2015

One of my offline friends sent me this via Facebook. She’d found it on a Tumblr site. Her own Twitter name is a hidden ❤️.

Via @paperheartcrafts

25 January 2015

This one is subtle, but once you’ve spotted it, so very beautiful. “Starling murmuration over Chapelfield – looks like the love #Norwich.” tweeted Martin George.

By @geomr via @Psycho_Claire

Alex Bellars found this one on Instagram, posted there by blackse, who said: “Cheeky gave me this heart shaped crisp and told me she loved me.” Very cute.

By @Dr_Black (http://about.me/sueblack) via @bellaale

24 January 2015

Not all ❤️ are tweeted at me. Some just show up in my timeline as Tweetmates share them for other reasons.
This one, for example, was tweeted on the #6Csy hashtag, which relates to the 6Cs of healthcare; core health & care values. These are: care, compassion, competence, communication, courage, commitment.

Via @proudtonurse

I do wonder though whether I’ve slightly influenced what @A_BoxOfRain sees on his travels, as he RTd both of these images in quick succession.

Via @DreamHouseX and @A_BoxOfRain

Via @VictRORI, @amooona3asal and @A_BoxOfRain

These cupcakes had been tweeted by @sweettoothmarti and then spotted and drawn to my attention by @jmcefalas. Credit for them actually goes to @poppyscupcakes


By @poppyscupcakes, via @sweettoothmarti and @jmcefalas

I also drop in to Rob Francisco’s timeline fairly regularly to see what hearts he has found. It would be duplication (and probably theft!) if I reproduced all his found hearts here, but I did especially love this one: Loo roll heart, Leeds.
If you’d like to see more, he tweets them at @livingprocess

Found and photographed by @livingprocess

23 January 2015
With Valentine’s Day fast approaching this brilliant crafts website has a different take on Valentine’s messages: http://www.krakenkreations.co.uk/uncategorized/sweary-hearts-run-free/ Kraken Kreations (@KrakenKreations) has made a whole bunch of Sweary Hearts to send to a loved one. @jmcefalas tweeted me images of hearts suggesting “Smash the patriarchy with me”, or “Tie me to the railings and kiss me”, but the one I’d most like a mystery admirer to send me is this one:

By @KrakenKreations via @jmcefalas
(Buy one for someone you love a fuckload, here: http://www.krakenkreations.co.uk/product-category/valentines-day/)

In other Valentines crafts news, this was RTd into my timeline: http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter08/PATTheart.php


22 January 2015
This teeny one stretches my definition of a ❤️ to the very limit. It’s a little poking tongue. (I thought at first it was a pout). Still, I think it counts.


This lovely image arrived with the message “found this and thought of you. x”


And this came “via a friend in Cape Town.”

Courtesy of @drlangtry_girl

Meanwhile, I had also baked a crop of my own:


21 January 2015
This intriguing tweet turned up from @UnexpectedBag

It turned out to be referencing this fonts website: http://www.dafont.com/myvalentineslove.font and its specialised Valentines font from which I’ve grabbed a few examples.

Via @UnexpectedBag

20 January 2015
First @jmcefalas RTd this into my timeline. At the time of writing (23 January) it seems that The Sun is maintaining its assertion that boobs are news. But for a brief moment, we thought they’d understood there are plenty of opportunities for male objectification of women in other places. Not quite a victory (yet), more a near miss. But still.
The image was created by @joelizaharrison, (http://jo-harrison.co.uk/) whose permission I’ve sought to include it here. I haven’t yet heard back, so this is a temporary posting.

By @joelizaharrison via @jmcefalas
Then @noreadingingaol sent this beautiful mediaeval book in the shape of a heart. I’ve been tweeted with this image before, but it takes my breath away every time.


18 January 2015
I’ve changed my avatar to this lovely gnarled heart in a tree. Myfot, who has a really good eye, picked this up in her Pinterest feed from a pinner called Ginny Branch Stelling (can you tell, I don’t really know how Pinterest works…?) I don’t have a photo credit for this, so if it turns out to be yours and you’d like it removed from my collection, or an appropriate credit attached, please do let me know.

Via @thisismyfot

When @A_BoxOfRain tweeted this into my timeline he wondered: “this one may be a jingoistic ❤ too far…" It had been found at the bottom of a storage crate.

Via @A_BoxOfRain

And this lovely one is a child’s collection of Pokemon toys (quite a collection!) scooped together in the bath.

Via @TalkingDogGenre

17 January 2015
Kay Sidebottom said: Thought @itsmotherswork would appreciate my attempt at crafting with the kids earlier #beadseverywhere 🙂


Here’s one to make you boggle. Crocheted tapeworms. Oh yes. (The detail about the project appears here: http://www.craftsy.com/project/view/tapeworm/25712)

Tweeted into my timeline by the guru of the groovy gusset herself @gussiegrips
All together now….#doyerblardyexercises

This very striking image is part of a campaign to save the NHS. Details of which can be found here: http://999callfornhs.org.uk/national-day-of-action/4587740842 It was originally shared by @TeesidePA and @999CallforNHS

Tweeted into my timeline by @jmcefalas

16 January 2015
This collection of adorable snoozy puppies arrived with one of my favourite comments: “Saw this and thought of you”

From @Paper_Polly

15 January 2015
I had some fun with my “Happy for Life” app, which invited me to make a list of “10 good things about me”. Instead of keeping it to myself, I shared it on Twitter with the hashtag #10goodthingsaboutme and lots of people shared their own wonderful and inspiring lists. I added my last “good thing” like this:


14 January 2015
“Broken and abandoned”. (Saw this on the way home today and for some reason, I thought of you.)


From @cate_a_moore

Beautiful Scandinavian hearts. “Plaited ones were made by my lovely talented D1, one of paper, one of felt. Enamel one is from Copenhagen”



Via @jmcefalas

10 January 2015
This, from my friend Rita, is lovely. She said “F drew this for me. I told her my friend likes hearts and she wanted you to see it.” What I see is how much her little girl loves her mum.

From @ChafyMcStretchy

“Place mat at mountain lunch stop.”


Both the above from @A_BoxOfRain

9 January 2015
From @A_BoxOfRain


And there’s this which was RTd into my timeline by @kernowspringer via @NaturalBeeTrust

The photo says it was taken by Pchelen Med, who (if I’ve done my Twitter research right) is based in Sofia, Bulgaria and is married to a beekeeper.

8 January 2015
“This one is the neon light of a 24 hour sex shop.” I adopted this one as my Twitter avi from 8 January.

From @kaygeeuk

This from @ghostwritermummy invited maternity and baby bloggers to link up to Twitter hashtag #MaternityMatters.

Here’s the link to her blogpost: http://ghostwritermummy.co.uk/2015/01/07/maternity-matters-part-two/

7 January 2015
From @kaygeeuk (Heartfinder General) “the air is full of glitter as the sun reflects from tiny drops of ice and I find this. Magic.”


4 January 2015


Via @emwithme

Sent by @MarieElgaard from Randers, Denmark.

In the original, before cropping, you can also see a Danish flag. Danes seems to make much more non-controversial celebratory use of their national flag than Brits do.

This one RTd into my timeline by @ctmitrow in Australia.
Reproduced with the poem it was Tweeted with, by @poemprose Thank you!

3 January 2015

Sent by @kaygeeuk, who said “lunch came in a heart shaped bowl”.


Found and shared by @BigKid255

Via @karen_hackett