The itsmotherswork book challenge

Two new “grown up” books arrived at the shoe today (along with a children’s book: It’s NOT Fairy – but that’s another story).

The two new books are:

Donald Nathanson’s “Shame & Pride” and Hywell Roberts “Oops!”

I want to read them both, NOW! But they join a teetering heap of books beside my bed that I am part way through. These are:

John Lanchester’s “Capital”
Jonathan Safran Foer’s “Everything is illuminated”
Diane Coyle’s “The Economics of Enough”
George Monbiot’s “Bring on the Apocalypse”
Neil Thompson’s “Theorising Social Work Practice”
Daniel Kahneman’s “Thinking Fast and Slow” (In hardback and paperback! *weeps*)
Jenny Wingfield’s “The Homecoming of Samuel Lake”
Alan Hollinghurst’s “The Stranger’s Child”.
Rushworth Kidder’s “How Good People make Tough Choices”


Dannie Abse’s “Ash on a Young Man’s Sleeve”.

I really need to focus.

One per week till the heap is done.

Where shall I start? What order shall I read the 12? I’ll be done by Christmas. Just in time to share my wishlist!


One thought on “The itsmotherswork book challenge

  1. 30 September. Completed "Oops! – Helping children learn accidentally.A real pleasure to read. Full of great ideas, even for those – like me – who are "teachers" who’ve never had a classroom. Recommend.

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