Message from Pat’s Petition

Hi there,

These are challenging times for everyone, but especially for disabled people and carers. Pat’s Petition still needs your signatures. The petition could trigger a goverment debate if we can achieve 100,000 signatures. Remember, 500,000 people will lose their DLA through these changes and many more will be affected by all the other cuts and changes across health and social care. If we all work together on this, 100,000 signatures for Pat’s Petition should be easily achievable. If you need more information to help you publicise the petition, please do get in touch.

Here’s what Hardest Hit have written on their website –

We feel there is a potential car crash ahead, but Maria Miller still refuses to carry out an assessment of all the changes. All new medicines, bridges, and vehicles have to be road-tested before introduction: it would be unacceptable to introduce them without. So why is it different when it comes to disabled people and carers? Pat’s Petition has brought together a group of independent disability organisations, academics and charities to carry out our own cumulative impact assessment for disability – CIA-D.

While we continue to press the government to carry out their own assessment of the changes, we are starting to gather evidence ourselves. It is still at very early stages, but we hope to collect information for other campaigners and journalists to show the cumulative impact of all these changes. Do contact us for more information. Thank you for your support. Together we will reach 100,000 signatures.

Pat x


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