Smart Cookie

This isn’t about me really, it’s about my daughter, who is just 10. I’m posting it here because I wasn’t quite sure where else to park it.

Tonight she was telling me about her homework. She had something to read and work on and then it had to be handed in tomorrow. It would be followed up by a test on the content later in the week.

In a most unconcerned way, she chatted about how difficult she found it to remember things she’d read and how she was worried (though she didn’t sound worried) about not being able to ‘revise’ for her test because the work she’d done would already be handed in.

Before I had time to get my brain in gear to think of a way to help her, it quickly became clear why her ‘worry’ wasn’t really worrying her. She had already found a strategy for solving her problem.

She explained that she had recorded herself on the children’s camera (a fairly cheap digital camera that also records video) reading out her work and that she was playing it back and watching / listening to herself to help her remember.

She said: “I know when I read things I can’t remember it easily, but I noticed that when I listen to stuff on the MP3 player, then I can remember all the words. So then I thought, ‘how can I have me on the MP3 player, saying my homework so I’ll remember it’?”

The camera recording was her answer to this question.

That blew me away. Not only had she identified her learning problem for herself, she had also identified a possible solution and adapted the available technology to fashion something that did the trick.

I know that I wasn’t as self aware, as autonomous a learner, or as effective a problem solver at the same age.

So, for today at least, I can put aside worries about ‘dumbing down’ in education or about the distracting impact of technology.

That’s my girl!


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