Alternative (@itsmotherswork Twitter) Honours List

Because I am rubbish at #ff and because there's loads of people I follow on Twitter who are more interesting and nicer than many of the Queen's list, here's my alternative gongs. 

(If you're not on this list, and you find yourself thinking "Oh, but I thought @itsmotherswork loved me!" and going all sadface, rest assured, I probably do, but this post has been interrupted more than 50 times by my children and I have now totally lost the plot!) 

For services to feminism: @glosswitch @TheNatFantastic @sianushka 

For services to raising awareness of domestic abuse: @onein4 @ABeautifulMind1 

For services to pro-choice movement: @RedRagCampaign @EdforChoice 

For services to midwifery: @Thinkbirth @barbaric_barb @121midwives @oneworldbirth @GentleBirth 

For services to young mums: @YoungMumsHope @prymface 

For services to sex education: @ladycurd @P4SRE @SexEdUKation @heathercorinna @bishtraining 

For services to the Pliocene era: @PlioceneBloke 

For services to uncommon good sense in education: @ThatIanGilbert @xtophercook @pasi_sahlberg @warwickmansell @alicewooley1 @hgaldinoshea @LearningSpy @MichaelRosenYes @mattpearson @schoolduggery @tombennett71 @andromedababe @miss_macinerney @mikebakeredhack 

Special award for services to science education: @Protons4B 

Special spoof award for "Services to Educational Bollocks": @TheBullAcademy 

For services to #spoonies and other vulnerable people this Govt likes to harm: @suey2y @mrsnickyclark @patspetition @boycottworkfare @latentexistence @bendygirl @BrokenofBritain 

For services to confounding negative expectations of the Daily Mail (specialist, one off award): @SoniaPoulton 

For services to social work practice development: 
@ProfSocialWork @ProfSueWhite @claudiamegele @SWSCmedia @mamiddau @Ermintrude2 @StuartSorenson @chesterina @Andrew_Ellery 

For services to photoshop-derived humour: @beaubodor 

For services to political art: @MartinRowson @DearDaveandNick 

For services to restorative practice: @snowdropbooks 

For services to the continued survival of our beloved NHS: @marcuschown @clarercgp @HilaryMarmot @KailashChandOBE @AllysonPollock @DrJackyDavis @Jos21 @drphilhammond @cpeedell @MaxPemberton @mattleys (who does other lovely stuff too) 

For services to Breastfeeding support: @kellymomdotcom @makesmilk @BFCounsellor 

For services to Local Govt: @WeLoveLocalGov 

For services to beards and penguins: @kmflett 

For services to @kmflett: @megfdavies (*really belongs in the 'making the world a better place' category, but I couldn't resist!)

For services to systems thinking: @charlottepell @simonjguilfoyle @SysThinkReview 

For services to self-immolation and other equally unwise pursuits: @FrancisMaudeAdv 

For services to protest music: @gracepetrie @Springsteen 

For services to documenting the reality of austerity: @shivmalik1 @zoesqwilliams @patrickjbutler 

For services to making me smile: @GlennyRodge

For services to making the world a better place: 
@SimonNRicketts @loftspace @lisaansell3 @PuppetStateThtr @ilegal @brixtonite @rattlecans @DayMoonRoseDawn (with special additional award for answering all insect-related questions) @_millymoo @karen_hackett @MatofKilburnia @smkatz2010 @actionhappiness @fullanarchy @PME200 @sturdyalex @glittrgirl @Anonymoosh @kaygeeuk @helenlooise @98apples @sandyd68 @NoelMcDermott @stavvers @QOFE @Baskers @pawzilla @hangbitch @richmondbridge @puffles2010 @MediocreDave @Frances_Coppola @MarinaPepper @mashwalker @anpa2001 

For being special in every way: @langtry_girl @heardinlondon @helenmew 


Be Nice to Nerds


You probably already know of this ‘wisdom’ of Bill Gates, but it popped into my awareness for the first time today.

It’s got something of the feel of a man pulling the ladder up after him.

My rules would be a little different:

Rule 1: Life is not fair. Don’t take it lying down. Fight injustice.

Rule 2: The world doesn’t care about your self-esteem, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about others’. Be honest, with kindness, and acknowledge your own and other people’s accomplishments, even if they’re not of the type that the world currently puts a price-tag on.

Rule 3: People no smarter than you, (and often a lot less smart) but whose parents have power and status, WILL walk into a $60,000 job right out of High School. This is evidence of Rule 1. Learn to know the difference between hard work, good luck and privilege. Recognise the role they play in your life, and don’t assume someone else works less hard than you when really they are just less lucky.

Rule 4: Be your own toughest teacher, and your own most demanding boss and you will be able to distinguish fair challenge from spite and respond accordingly.

Rule 5: No task is beneath your dignity. But plenty of people make their living by dressing up exploitation of others as opportunity. Learn how to tell the difference. Resist so-called ‘opportunities’ that exploit you.

Rule 6: If you mess up, it’s no one else’s fault, it’s a learning opportunity. Make the most of it. And remind others of that when they try to use you as a human shield for their mistakes.

Rule 7: No one is boring, if you take a real interest in them. And everyone is interesting for different reasons. As with Rule 5, there’s a time and a place for every task, but resist lectures about the virtues of housework from people who don’t do their own. And from people who do.

Rule 8: People who like to think of themselves as ‘winners’ need to characterise other people as ‘losers’ to maintain their own status. As long as you are still alive, there’s another chance to learn and try again. There’s only one true finish line and no winners or losers on the other side.

Rule 9: Your time is your time. Your employer may buy some of your time but they don’t buy your soul. If your employer tries to take more of your time than they have paid for, resist.

Rule 10: Television isn’t real life. Er…you knew that anyway, didn’t you?

Rule 11: Be nice to everyone. It makes the world a better place.

The Charity Tax U-Turn

Things interested observers should look out for following of the charity tax U-turn:

1) The number of ‘philanthropists’ who stropped publicly about the six figure sums they were ‘planning’ to donate to charity but reconsidering because of the tax who now actually – really truly – do go on to make a six figure donation (and to a charity which isn’t either run by their mates, or their child’s school).

2) The proportion and the total amount of funding to charities which comes from those higher rate earners who are eligible for this tax relief.

3) The proportion and total amount of funding from high-net-worth philanthropists to those charities which directly help those vulnerable people who are worst affected by the impact of the Government cuts. A comparison with funding from the same group of donors to those charities which don’t target those who are most vulnerable and in greatest need would be useful.

4) The amount of the ‘tax relief’ which itself is donated to charity, compared with the amount of the tax relief which goes back into the pocket of the donor.

5) The number of new charities created in response to the removal of the charity cap but retention of the cap on other forms of tax relief, which do not target support and services to those who are vulnerable and in need but which provide a ‘home’ for charitable donations which enable ‘philanthropists’ to reduce their tax liability. And the nature of the new charities created.

I’m sure you can think of other indicators it would be fun to watch.