Twitter feeds you REALLY need.

The Observer today has this list of “Tweeters’ Top Tips”:…

There are some gems in there, but also a surprising number of not-very-active / locked / they-used-to-tweet-but-now-not-so-much accounts.

And some of the “top tweeters” referenced don’t follow very many people or tweet very often. It’s a very different kind of Twitter to the place where I spend/fritter away so much of my time and where interaction is much more important than follower count.

Above all, there’s very much a “celebrity will eat itself” tone to the piece, even allowing for the more quirky, humane, unusual recommendations.

That said, “celebrity Twitter” is as much ‘the real Twitter’ as the little corner of it that I inhabit. But if you’re wondering what’s hot in my corner of the Twitterverse, here are my Top Tweeters:

(List massively skewed by my own declared love of politics, social justice, public service, children’s services and stuff.)

One of the biggest hearts on Twitter. Photo-genius. Cares about the stuff that really matters. #giveblood

Another big heart. Jokes as bad as my Dad’s (in a good way); makes me giggle or groan or both every day. My goodnight kiss most nights. x

Brilliant artwork as political commentary. Always what I would want to say if I only had the talent.

Loves the #NHS and willing to fight for it. Another photo-genius. Super-cute daughters with a great line in hats.

If there was any justice in this world, his personal contribution to the battle for the NHS would have won the day. Not giving up either. Great man.

Another fighter. This time for Legal Aid. Plus he took on a Twitter challenge I set him so I owe him a pint.

If you can only bear to follow one Telegraph columnist, make it Max. Loves the NHS. Knows a f*ckup when he sees it and calls it as such.

Didn’t we /all/ miss him while he was away? Along with Mr Rodge made me care more about the footballing fortunes of Wealdstone than I’d ever believe possible. Pub-tweets are genius. Can’t wait for a return to full strength.

The world would be a better place if she was in charge. #onenationunderthelangtry for a more decent, humane yet still economically competent world. Disagrees with you with charm, so a pleasure to discuss things with. Nicer still to find ones-self on the same side.

Funny, clever, angry, pithy. Blogs with passion and wit. And gorgeous. Great coffee date. x

Frequently makes my day with his latest political cartoon. Doesn’t hold back on Twitter. Scathing about – well – all that stuff that anyone with sense feels scathing about.

Properly politically angry about stuff that matters; committed to integrity of evidence. In a world of policy-based evidence-making, that can only be a good thing.

If you can just about bear to read one Daily Mail blogger, Sonia’s the one. Unexpected.

Tirelessly documenting the increasingly ghastly mess the coalition government is going to leave us in. A breadcrumb trail to various corners of policy-related stupidity.

@wheresbenefit @patspetition @brokenofbritain
Fighting for the people who’ve really had the stuffing knocked out of them by this government.

Fiona Millar in fine form keeping an eye on creeping privatisation and elitism in state education. But just because she’s watching, doesn’t mean you don’t have to.

Links to well-researched debunking of Gove-ist mission to ruin education for this generation and the next.

@miss_mcinerney @LKMco @schoolduggery
Sensible, knowledgeable tweeting about education. Good links.

As sensible and knowledgeable as the above with an added layer of left-leaning partisanship that I particularly love.

No fence-sitting; always engages; brilliant blogger. Soooo evidently knows his stuff. His battles (and occasional agreements) with @oldandrewuk are terrific. Book front row seats. Add @LearningSpy to the mix, light the blue touch paper and stand well back.

Twitter voicebox of John Seddon & crew. Much common sense about idiocy in public service reform. “Vanguard” is their approach, but sensible observation of the rich variety that is human life and human problems is the underpinning principle. You will work better if you read these tweets. Haul @SimonJGuilfoyle into your feed to see practical systems thinking in action.

@theneweconomics and @AndrewSimms_nef
Not the busiest feeds, but worth a follow because nef thinks differently. And makes me think differently. About everything. Then follow @actionhappiness
because then the rest of it makes sense.

Ever thought about a guaranteed minimum income? No? Well do. Not as impossible as it may seem.

Means you don’t have to follow politicians who will drive you to “Falling Down” levels of hatred and despair, because they’ll RT the best bits into your timeline.

@helenmew @richsimcox
Trade unionism as its meant to be, not as the right wing press would like to caricature it.

Smart, knowledgeable blogging about the law, and particularly as it affects women and children. When I’m asked if I know /any/ nice Tories, she’s the one.

The impact of domestic abuse and intimate partner violence on women and children in particular. Grim, necessary reading.

Common sense on sex education. Raising children in a sex-positive way, rather than hyper-sexualising their world.

Lose the unworthy stereotype in your head about “Teen Mums”. They deserve our respect, not our condemnation. Intelligent, empowered commentary. Doesn’t stand for nonsense.

Lovely midwifery and empowered birth tweets and links. Very special.

Curates beautifully; finds interesting links, makes good Twitter introductions.

Another great Twitter curator. RTs loads of great stuff into my timeline. Really knows social care.

@swscmedia (and #swscmedia) for interesting debate and discussion re: social work and social care.

@HarpyMarx @LisaAnsell @DawnHFoster @Hangbitch @QOFE @sandyd68 @kaygeeuk @sianuska @stavvers @smkatz2010 @brixtonite @TheNatFantastic @loftspace @andromedababe
Engaging, busy, funny, angry, each uniquely brilliant. How dare I group such a diverse range of fabulous women together?! Really just to say that if you’re missing any of these in your Twitterfeed you’re missing out.

Because we do. Local government makes the world go round. You’d miss us if we all went home. Frankly you’d miss us if we only worked our contracted hours.

Because he’s /the/ Keith Flett. If you grew up with the Guardian Letters page, that’s all you need to know. (Beards, real ale, trade unionism, wit – for the uninitiated).

Angry, angry, angry, especially about education. Fearlessly anti-establishment. Developing a vein of zany hashtaggery all his own.

The first of the “different national representative every week” sites. Original and best.

Politics and puppets. What else do you need?

@LondonIrishNews @fromtheruck @LiRFC
Do I have to explain these ones? Every Tweeter has at least one secondary enthusiasm. When the politics stops, mine’s rugby.


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