Dear Nick Clegg…


Apparently you are hoping that people will one day acknowledge your party’s role in the coalition, combining “responsibility on the economy with social fairness”.

This would be more likely if:

a) you had demonstrated economic responsibility, instead of hitching a ride with a slash and burn Chancellor whose scorched earth policies are defeating the prospects of a restored economy and turning every ‘green shoot’ into a charred stump, and…

b) if you showed any sign of understanding economic fairness. But you don’t. You can shout all you like about the income tax threshold and the pupil premium, but when the Govt you are part of raises VAT for everyone but cuts the top rate of tax for the rich, removes EMA, massively increases tuition fees, pushes families out of their homes and communities for the simple ‘crime’ of poverty, cuts important support to the sick and disabled, removes the safety-net of a universal NHS then you can’t be differentiated from the other well-cushioned millionaires in the cabinet.

I think most of us will remember the promises you have broken. And we will tell you where you and your party can stick you ‘unique role’.


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