Feeling cynical?


Only a really cynical individual would read this about Marks and Spencer’s “Shwopping” idea and think ‘Of course, if a major retailer starts losing business in a recession to the charity shop sector it would make sense to

a) take control of the stock and flow of donations into the charity stores (both in terms of quality and quantity), and

b) make sure charity shop customers pass through the retailer’s doors on the way to the charity shop to try to divert them into a ‘new’ purchase.’

But consumers probably wouldn’t fall for that. Unless – maybe – you labelled the scheme ‘green’.


One thought on “Feeling cynical?

  1. Totally agree with you. The really "green" thing is called "swapping" and involves getting something for yourself from the charity shop as well as donating something. Jeez, I thought of that word YEARS ago.

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