Itsmotherswork in Wonderland

In the crazy world beyond the looking glass, in which we all now seem to live, Panorama broadcast some extraordinary new allegations about the Murdoch empire last night (26 March 2012).

They are summed up in the Guardian article here:

Only 48 hours before, the Murdoch broadsheet The Sunday Times had produced a terrific scoop, soon followed up by all other news organisations, of wealthy donors to the Tory party being offered access to David Cameron and the ears of other policy-makers in exchange for funds.

Only days before that the budget dropped the 50% tax rate to 45% – against the weight of public opinion, including among Tory voters – and Andrew Lansley’s much-loathed Health & Social Care Bill passed its final weak challenge in the commons and started the process of dismantling our universal healthcare system (the envy of the world) and handing it over piecemeal to overseas ‘healthcare’ business interests and consultancies. It seems reasonable to ask which donors have had access to Cameron’s ears, and how much they may have paid to secure these special favours and concessions that are so much against the interests of those of us who don’t have £250k to spare.

But was the Sunday Times scoop true, or fair, or was it a pissed-off Murdoch getting his revenge on Cameron for failing to protect him over hackgate?

And is the Panorama programme true, or fair, or is the BBC (once a proudly independent broadcaster, now running scared of Govt threats – cheered on by the Murdochs – that it will lose the licence fee) protecting the hapless Government by pushing a story that it hopes will stop #cashforcameron and #camdinewithme from trending.

Or is the Government’s protection found in the ‘leaking’ of the NHS risk register, and the likely subsequent sacrifice of the terminally incompetent and much disliked Andrew Lansley to save his erstwhile chums?

Or is the risk register leak a deliberate fake? Part of a piece of distraction magic designed to steer us all away from Cameron and Murdoch just long enough for our silly little minds to lose interest in Government corruption, media criminality and saving our health service?

Do I believe my Government? No.

Do I believe Rupert Murdoch? No.

Do I believe the BBC? Sadly no.

The police, we are told, are to investigate the allegations of corruption uncovered by the Sunday Times. The police whose ‘friendly’ relationships with the Murdoch press were at the heart of ‘hackgate’. I notice that there’s a police connection at the heart of the Panorama story too, with yet another ex-police officer swapping what ought to be an honest profession for something more lucrative but less legal.

Do I trust the police to investigate the Government? No.

Do I trust them to investigate Murdoch. No.

I can’t believe my Government, the press or the police.

All I know is the Mock Turtle has been here giving us lessons in “Ambition, Distraction, Uglification, and Derision”. We’re all living in Wonderland now.


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