The Last Battle?

In the ‘Last Battle’ in the House of Commons 13 March 2012, which Labour MPs did NOT vote against the Health Bill?

Hugh Bayley
Margaret Beckett
Anne Begg (I received information to say that Anne Begg is unwell following a fall. Certainly this is not typical of her previous voting history).
Joe Benton
Liam Byrne (such is my low opinon of Byrne, I had to check he didn’t vote with Govt!)
Ann Coffey
Frank Dobson (Frank in fact voted for one of the amendments and abstained from the another.)
Mike Gapes
Tom Greatrex
Lindsay Hoyle (Is apparently Deputy Speaker, so does not vote)
Glenda Jackson
Ian Lucas
Michael McCann
Dawn Primarolo (another Deputy Speaker, I’m told)
Malcolm Wicks
Sean Woodward (He used to be a Tory MP, you know?)

In most other situations, that would be a pretty good Labour turnout. On this occasion. Not good enough.

That said, even if all those named had voted against the bill, it would still have passed unless there had been a larger LibDem rebellion.

Credit where it’s due…those non-Labour MPs who voted against Govt on Health Bill last night were:

Gregory Campbell (Democratic Unionist)
Nigel Dodds (DU)
Mark Durkan (SDLP)
Andrew George (LD)
Martin Horwood (LD)
Stuart Hosie (SNP)
Julian Huppert (LD)
Eric Joyce (ex-Lab; he’s in all sorts of trouble (and rightly so) but voted to drop bill do gets a thumbs up for that)
John Leech (LD)
Naomi Long (Alliance)
Caroline Lucas (Green)
Alasdair McDonnell (SDLP)
John Pugh (LD)
Angus Robertson (SNP)
Jim Shannon (DU)
Mike Weir (SNP)
Eilidh Whiteford (SNP)
Pete Wishart (SNP)

In a late night hashtag cock-up I labelled some of those above “noshows” when I had intended to tweet them on the hashtag #creditwhereitsdue

The above is the corrected list.

Where I’ve received explanations of why an MP didn’t vote, I’ve shared them here. If you’ve got more insights into a particular MPs behaviour, let me know, and I’ll add it.

Detailed information about MPs votes on this issue will later become available via Public Whip: and They Work For You:

In the meantime, I have compiled this from the Hansard record and the all party list of MPs available at this website:


5 thoughts on “The Last Battle?

  1. 2 notes of caution:1. The pairing system in the HoC might mean that some did not vote because for example David Cameron couldn’t make it since he was away on foreign business etc… I am not sure, but you might want to check if any of them were ‘paired’.2. Two Lib Dem MPs were tellers for the motion but they deserve credit a) Adrian Sanders & b) Greg Mulholland.It was a sad day, and many did there best. Commiserations to one and all

  2. Thanks to all for information, questions, queries. All really helpful. I’ll try to update the text later with the points raised.On pairing, I get asked about this a lot when I tweet results, I don’t know what to say about pairing – I refer enquirers to this: which suggests that in so far as it exists at all, pairing is rare, informal and not likely to have been invoked in a situation like this. I have been tweeting vote / division results for a while now, and although I have had many responses asking about pairing, never once has someone defended their no-show by pointing to a specific, acknowledged pairing arrangement. On Ann Coffey, no, I’m not sure. I tweeted the results as listed in the first posted Hansard record and cross-matched with the MPs by party list. The information may have been updated since.(I did once tweet a Labour Lord voting with the Government on the Welfare Reform Bill. Steve Bassam the Labour Chief Whip in the Lords did kindly tweet a correction, but also confirmed that the original Hansard record had been incorrect.)All corrections and clarifications are welcome. If we didn’t check out these results, we’d never know….

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