In which IDS’s poisonous drivel on workfare fails to impress

Oh Iain Duncan Smith! Fuckity fuck, offity off!…

Your bilious shite in the Daily Mail is making me seethe.

You say that the work experience scheme is so successful that “around 50% of those taking part have either taken up permanent posts or have stopped claiming benefits”. Well, it’s possible to stop claiming benefits out of abject despair, so if they haven’t got a permanent job, don’t assume your scheme’s a success.

Anyhow, if I take that 50% at face value for a second and compare it with the Tesco success rate, I see they gave work to 300 out of 1400 participants, so at about 21% the firm that IDS claims is “absolutely brilliant” has about half the success rate of the scheme overall. How crap is that?

I don’t know anyone commenting on the scheme who thinks that young people shouldn’t work at Tesco or MacDonalds. Those I’ve heard commenting on the scheme think that if you work for Tesco for 30 hours you should be paid (by Tesco) for 30 hours work. That seems reasonable to me. Expecting to be paid for the work that you do is hardly “snobbery”.

IDS, you also say the scheme is voluntary, but it’s only in the first week that a person can pull out without sanction. That doesn’t sound very voluntary to me.

By the way, your Chris Burke success story isn’t all that it seems either, because he’s (you say) an “administrative apprentice” – and have you seen what the apprenticeship pay rate is? Frankly it’s just another way to squeeze ‘more for less’ out of our young people. If he’s working as an administrator, pay him!

These firms you name are not “helping the economic prospects of our younger generation”. If anyone is, I am. It is my taxes that are paying them. Being not entirely dumb, I can see that my taxes are actually helping the economic prospects of these big, profitable companies. No one is being snobbish about these jobs. Critics are pointing out that these are real jobs, that real people do. And because real people are doing them, they should be paid real wages.

You know what IDS? I started my career on the shopfloor too. As a Saturday girl at Peacocks. It was then (and is now*) a real job. And I was paid – from day one – real wages.

You arsehole!

While you are being so utterly hateful, why don’t you take a sideswipe at migrant workers too!?

Oh. You did.

*technically, of course, as Peacocks is in administration (I think), this is no longer a real job. But I think you know what I mean.


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