About the shoe

The shoe is where I live with my family. It is a real little place in a “mystery location” in the Thames Valley.

My family is:

DH (husband) who is a private sector techy, with a misanthropic streak, who is nevertheless a lovely partner and Dad. If it wasn’t for him, the children would never have packed lunches. And I would drink much less tea.

Four little shoe-dwellers. People like to make jokes about this. They say things like “Havent you got a telly?” or “There must be something in the water”. There are two girls, two boys. One of them is a redhead. People like to joke about this. They say things like “Are you sure they’ve all got the same Dad?” So far I haven’t punched anyone who has made this joke. I’m sure the day will come.

The youngest is still at nursery and the oldest is at secondary school. I don’t blog about them very much, although I tweet about them a lot, under the heading “Life in the Shoe” I don’t post pictures of them or share their names. When I want to refer to them individually here I call them 4yo, 6yo, 9yo and 11yo.

No pets. Absolutely no pets. Ever.

The shoe is a place for warm-hearted, good-natured chaos. We are untidy, but not dirty. Unpunctual but not lazy. Unruly, but not nasty. There is a lot of love here.


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