Letter from Pat of “Pat’s Petition”

Hi imw

In haste as it’s a bit manic in our camp! Can you put this out anywhere you can? Blog, tell people. I know you have been a huge supporter before but this is a biggy. Aren’t they all?

Pat x

Last week the government was defeated three times on the Welfare Reform Bill.

On Tuesday this week there will be another debate in the Lords – this time on proposed changes to DLA.

Sue Marsh [@Suey2y] is calling for a pause on Tuesday to reflect on DLA legislation in the light of the Spartacus Report. [#spartacusreport]

Pat’s Petition asks for the government to stop and review all the changes to benefits that are creating a perfect storm.

Pat’s Petition has now reached almost 20,000 in a very short time. Our contacts in the House of Lords say Pat’s Petition is being watched because it is a grassroots petition. High numbers of signatures give them evidence of the strength of feeling behind everyone’s actions. This is exactly what they need.

If you want to support campaigners on Tuesday please help with Pat’s Petition. Whether you’ve been on a Hardest Hit march, tweeted about the Spartacus Report or written to a Lord, please share the link as widely as possible in the run up to the vote on DLA on Tuesday. Keep sharing it so that Lord Freud and others know how many there are of us, watching their every move.

http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/20968 is the link to the petition.

It’s on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/patsepetition and twitter at http://twitter.com/PatsPetition

Pat x


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