Careful what you wish for Dave.

Last night I tweeted “Do you have a sense that things may be beginning to unravel? I do.”

I meant it in a good way. The resistance is gathering. I don’t think “they” will be able to get away with it.

From #bevansrun (, drawing attention to the disgraceful sell-off of the NHS (with the PIP implant scandal neatly illustrating some of the pitfalls) to the extraordinary work of Sue Marsh and other campaigners on the #spartacusreport ( showing the strength of opposition to the proposed “welfare reforms” – a barely disguised attack on the most vulnerable members of our community in order to find a continuing bubble of wealth for the reckless and rich, campaigners and activists are changing the public conversation. People are starting to sit up, take notice of what the government is found and fight back.

Apparently some 600 campaigners have joined the Downhills fight back against an enforced Academy conversion of this school against the wishes of the local community:

The legal action against HMRC for its sweetheart deals, and the pressure on the City bonus culture (even though proposed reforms are only half-hearted, to date) show that the message of UKUncut and the Occupy movement is getting through.

David Cameron is failing – for the umpteenth time – to launch his “Big Society” concept. What he doesn’t realise is that Our Society is already drawing together campaigning and activist resources.

Things are beginnings to unravel. Oh yes.

As @ThatIanGilbert put it, in response to my tweet: Where do I pull?


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