Quixotic Cameron

If it wasn’t for the fact that he’s f*cking up my country, Cameron’s tilting at windmills would be quite funny.

Businesses (and thereby job creation) are “strangled”, he believes by imaginary monsters.

First, the burden of national insurance. He removes that burden and businesses…er… fail to create more jobs.

Then the overbearing, bloated public sector. He makes hundreds of thousands of public servants redundant, moving the public sector put of the way and the private sector…rushes to fill the gap by …er…closing half the high street.

Then it’s the problem that it’s hard to employ people because it’s not easy enough to sack them.

*coughs* Bollocks.

And now we return to the bogeyman of “red tape and health and safety regulation”. It seems we aren’t able to create jobs because it’s not easy enough to kill people at work and get away with it; because we make it too hard for paedophiles to work with children. I’m not convinced.

But Cameron does think that sticking to “austerity” is the right thing.

Easy to despair.


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