Tis the Friday 'fore New Year and – boozed to the hilt –
I've decided to settle someTwittery guilt.
I'm rubbish at Fridays, my followers find; 
FFS! there's no #ff, (I'm sure you must mind). 

So I'm giving myself a figurative shove
It's time to reciprocate some #ff love…
The Tweetmates below are fantastically great, 
My praise here's too little. Some might say too late…

@DearDaveandNick turns protest into art 
Get her letters into your stream for a start. 
Then try @TheGreenBenches for some counter-facts
On the Government's latest, most dastardly acts.

Follow @UKuncut and @OccupiedTimes 
For acts of resistance behind enemy lines. 
And an NHS champion who is second to none –
Follow @cpeedell as he does #Bevansrun

For social care issues, my tweeter of choice
Is @Ermintrude2, such a confident voice. 
Then @NoelMcDermott's my counsellor's view
(We'll gloss over the fact that he calls me 'mum' too)

I like legal types (for they know what is what) 
So I followed the fab @_millymoo like a shot. 
And Legal Aid is worth all @ilegal's fight
As we won't just hand justice across to the right. 

And we won't walk away from our good #spoonie friends
For whom life will be shit if DLA ends. 
So go @BendyGirl! Go @CreativeCrip! 
@wheresthebenefit knows that it's time to let rip. 

And it's not just the health service, welfare and law
That's falling to pieces, I'm sorry, there's more…
#Gove thinks we'll stand by like open-mouthed fools
While he bulldozes all our community schools. 

So follow @schooltruth and @localschools_uk 
And don't let the childcatcher get his own way. 
Add @mattpearson and @ThatIanGilbert to your mix
For a heartwarming educational fix. 

If you care about what schools put in your child's head 
Then support @P4SRE (good Sex Ed). 
And don't assume all teenage mums are a state – 
Look @prymface's tweets – she'll soon put you straight.

While we're thinking of babies, @oneworldbirth rocks
And @Thinkbirth deserves to be followed in flocks. 
@makesmilk supports breastfeeding mums everywhere
And at @hm4hb you'll find mums who will share. 

@Livable4All has a radical plan 
For a world where we don't all kowtow to 'the man' 
A future where care is more valued than money 
(I know politicians will think that idea's funny) 

@rosiecosy has faith, despite all Labour's woes,  
And you'll find lefties writing for her "LabourRose"
(Though I'm not sure that Labour can ever woo me,
I do like good guy @johnmcdonnellMP)

If I'm not tweeting politics / life in the shoe
80 minutes of quality rugby will do. 
@fromtheruck, & @quinsjim love the beautiful game
(Not London, Not Irish;  tweetmates all the same) 

Now some twitterati I can't categorise
But these are the stars in my Twittery skies: 
@helenlooise, @thatsoph, @helenmew 
@hangbitch, @lisaansell & @langtry_girl too.

@andromedababe @daninayyar (they're both babes)
@PME200, @sturdyAlex (their blogs are both faves)
There's top conversation from @CriminologyUK 
And @DayMoonRoseDawn's insect sex makes my day

@tamchan11 curates with intelligence & passion
@Puffles2010 made dragon fairies a fashion
@SimonNRicketts, @GlennyRodge, like Morecambe and Wise
(In a bed in my head where they smoke and eat pies.)

And simply and always my favourite and best
@HeardinLondon whose tweets just stand out from the rest. 

I've risked some offence by choosing so few
As the 960 others I stalk are good too. 
I hope you've found good'uns to follow right here. 
Back with another list this time next year. x 


5 thoughts on “#Follow2012

  1. Fantastic! I didn’t know you were a poet as well as all the other marvellous hats you wear! Love it! I feel very privileged to be counted among your twitterati Thanks (says she with her chest puffed up with pride!). What a great New Year’s Eve gift :)Happy New Year to you and yours, Cheers *clink* Carolyn xx

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