Casual sexism of the year 2011

BBC 'Faces of the Year'

12 male faces, 12 female faces, of people who 'made the headlines' in the UK this year.


Undercover cop
Actor (Best Actor Oscar)
Political rapper against NHS wanton destruction
Policeman killed in terrorist atrocity (victim)
Serviceman (nabs America's most wanted)
Golfer – successful
Journalist – often appears drunk
Student attacked by rioters (victim)
Someone who told a female pop-singer off for not wearing enough clothes
Self-publicising fantasist with an unhealthy influence over UK foreign policy
Football manager who sadly took his own life. (suggestions he was hounded by the press)
US politician sunk by a sex scandal.

As @little_mavis puts it "No animals, no new husbands, no rape victims".


US politician, injured in terrorist atrocity (victim)
Victim of an alleged rape
Fashion designer (linked to royal wedding)
Victim of an alleged sexual assault
Victim of an identity hoax
Bride (marries richer man)
Hackney Heroine / YouTube Sensation
Alleged murderer, hounded by press.
Bride (marries younger man)
Service woman (dates a Popstar)
Panda (female panda, but still, y'know a panda!)

Nothing more to say really.


2 thoughts on “Casual sexism of the year 2011

  1. AddendumThere is another list for people with a more ‘international’ outlook. main differences between the lists are: April: Pippa Middleton (fine arse in a posh frock) instead of Royal Wedding Dress Designer) June: Li Na (yay a Chinese Tennis player who wins a grand slam, proper achievement) instead of identity theft victim. August: Michelle Bachmann (crazy Tea Partier) replaces lucid Hackney riots analysis.Can’t say that’s an improvement, can you?

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