Itsmotherswork’s Sunday Soapbox

Our political leaders have never looked so empty. This is what happens when politics becomes PR.

We are driven by soundbites and not ideas. Behind the soundbite there is nothing, so nothing gets done.

"Doers" who make a real positive impact on society are disparaged by motormouths who value slogans and dividends.

We crave the kind words of ratings agencies, who have no interest in human wellbeing.

We would rate a profitable manufacturer of plastic Christmas cracker gifts as a better 'wealth creator' than a teacher or a nurse.

We are already bankrupt.


(The morning papers light my fire & fuel my ire every day. This morning's provocation to the outburst above was these two stand-out pieces in the Observer.

This breast-beating exposé of Greek anger and shame from Nikos Konstantaras:

And this crushing commentary from Andrew Rawnsley on the ineffectiveness of our supposedly 'most powerful' political leaders:

Thanks to @RachCarter who thought the series of tweets above amounted to a rant worth preserving.)


One thought on “Itsmotherswork’s Sunday Soapbox

  1. I need to be careful commenting about all this. It would not take much for me to sound quite unhinged, such is my anger at how ordinary people are at the mercy of the egocentric, power-crazed pseudo-scientists that we call economists.They take wild guesses at what to do, the livelihoods of millions of people disappear, and then take none of the blame when it all goes wrong, as it invariably does. When was the last time you heard an economist say "sorry about that, I got it wrong" ?"The global stock markets tumble" = coked up, pumped-up, amoral, posturing dickheads piss in the wind trying to squeeze a profit out of misery.This is the age of no accountability – unless of course, we are talking blue collar crime, where we send people to prison for six months for stealing a bottle of water ("to set an example"), whereas those who seek to make obscene profits by sacrificing the well-being of billions of strangers by any means necessary escape ANY punishment. And then they do it again, get lucky, pay themselves huge bonuses, and stick two fingers up to those who have to decide between food and heat.And our beloved, corrupt, impotent, empty governments are in their pockets.And, worst of all, there are people like me. Sitting at a keyboard, bemoaning the injustice of it all, and making no difference whatsoever.Modern life is rubbish.

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