Special Edition Question Time Drinking Game Rules

#bbcqt "Drinking Game Special" ** offered to you with grateful thanks to @thatSoph who is the drinking game maven and @katz2010x who created tonight's first pair of rules.

Rule 1: The word "Criminality" = DRINK
Rule 2: The phrase "Criminality And Violence" = DRAIN GLASS
Rule 3: The words "youth" "young people" "kids" = DRINK
Rule 4: …when accompanied by "feral" = DRAIN GLASS, ditto for THUGs (thanks @EmmaInsley)
Rule 5: Any variation on "I blame the parents" = DRINK, ditto "right to parent", "bring back the birch", "never did me any harm" (@EmmaInsley again & me)
Rule 6: When a panellist blames a TEACHER = A DOUBLE (with thanks to @Rjpritchard)
Rule 7: A mention of National Service / Conscription = ONE SHOT OF HARD LIQUOR ( @katz2010x & @EmmaInsley)
Rule 8: "Poverty is no excuse" = GLASS OF LAMBRINI ^ (thanks @Shannonmkennedy)
Rule 9: Sudden unexpected appearance of Melanie Phillips = BOTTLE OF TEQUILA (@seismicshed)

Bonus Game of "totally unacceptable bingo" – Rules: When every panellist has said "totally unacceptable" once, yell "I predict a riot" and DRAIN BOTTLE

*caution – this game my turn out to be very bad for your liver*
^ in the absence of Lambrini, any other drink will do, even Mad Dog 20/20.

Please take all sensible precautions when dismounting from your sofa at the end of the game. x


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