Pro-life…and therefore pro-choice.

I am missing the pro-choice demo today to take umpteen children to the
school summer fair. I wanted to be a mum from about the age of 10.
Having my brood came a lot later in my life than I hoped for or
expected. As a result there are fewer of them than I planned for all
those years ago. I make the most of them while they are still around
to love, tease and feed.

I am warmly, abundantly, joyfully in favour of life. ‘Pro-life’, if you like.

I am therefore necessarily, unashamedly ‘pro-choice’. I fully support
a woman’s right to choose whether or not to carry a pregnancy to term
and to bring a baby into this world.

I acknowledge that a man is entitled to hold the view that an abortion
is an unwelcome event. I believe he should express this view through
being ultra careful about consent in a sexual relationship, and ultra
responsible for contraception to ensure that no unwanted pregnancy
ensues. If he does this, his personal convictions are most unlikely to
be troubled by the issue of abortion.

Any woman who abhors abortion should be free to carry a pregnancy to
term – even if that entails putting her own life at risk. That is her

Anyone else’s abortion decision, it seems to me, is nobody’s business
but her own.

The so-called ‘pro-life’ movement is not ‘pro-life’. Members do not
value the lives of women whose personal agency they seek to remove;
they do not value the lives of abortion-providers they impinge on or threaten (and
sometimes, in extreme cases kill); they do not even value the quality of the future life
of the as-yet-unborn child whose ‘interests’ they spuriously claim to
protect. They are not pro-life. They are simply ‘anti-choice’.

That is all.


3 thoughts on “Pro-life…and therefore pro-choice.

  1. Great post, particularly in how it deals with the "man’s view" issue. I hate being told "you don’t think men should have any say". I don’t think ANYONE should have ANY say apart from the individual who’s pregnant (apologies for the capitals – I just, like, REALLY mean it!).

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