That whole immigration thing.

I’m wealthy, white and British, one of five siblings and a member of an extended family spread across the globe. Things I take for granted…

My Irish migrant roots; my father’s work abroad, in three continents; my uncle’s life in Palestine; another uncle in Germany with his German wife; my cousins born in Cyprus and Germany; my time and that of three of my siblings working and / or studying overseas; my two siblings now living permanently in other (one EU, one non EU) countries; my British-born sister-in-law of African descent; my (late) Danish sister-in-law; my South African sister-in-law; my cousin studying in Ukraine, my cousin working in Norway; my cousin working in the US; my German-born cousin and his Romanian wife with their Malaysian-born infant (living in Malaysia). 

We live where we choose, we work where we choose, we travel where we choose, we marry where we love, we raise our children where we land. 

This flexibility is a pleasure and a privilege. I can’t think why any human being on this planet should deserve that less than we do. 

Cameron’s remarks about immigration are just another example of him saying “we want the good stuff for people like us”.

He’s wrong. 



Update 9 June 2012: My thoughts on this issue remain unchanged. Theresa May’s policy proposals are just vile in this context: You can follow your heart wherever it leads, unless you’re ‘poor’, in which case this Government is happy to banish you from these shores.


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